The lone healthy, 100% organic, ELEVATING snack option, in a market saturated with sugar...

All of our products are made with 100% organic and locally sourced ingredients.  All of which are curated to deliver both a healthy and hearty ELEVATED treat. Tired of the same boring, cloyingly sweet snack options? Join the ELEVATED family!


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It has become increasingly hard to find a snack that is delicious, free of additives, healthy and 100% organic.  One of our core values is transparency, with our entire line of ELEVATED product being locally sourced with natural organic ingredients; ranging from different grains, oats, local wild organic honey, and other delicious ELEVATING ingredients. Our ELEVATED products strive to provide the consumers with a healthy ELEVATED feeling!!

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All of our ingredients are  carefully curated, 100% organic, vegan friendly, and locally sourced. Providing you with a delicious and highly nutritious treat.