The lone healthy, 100% organic, ELEVATING snack option, in a market saturated with sugar...

All of our products are made with 100% organic and locally sourced ingredients.  All of which are curated to deliver both a healthy and hearty ELEVATED treat. Tired of the same boring, cloyingly sweet snack options? Join the ELEVATED family!


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It has become increasingly hard to find a snack that is delicious, free of additives, healthy and 100% organic.  One of our core values is transparency, with our entire line of ELEVATED product being locally sourced with natural organic ingredients; ranging from different grains, oats, local wild organic honey, and other delicious ELEVATING ingredients. Our ELEVATED products strive to provide the consumers with a healthy ELEVATED feeling!!

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Our Shop

All of our ingredients are  carefully curated, 100% organic, vegan friendly, and locally sourced. Providing you with a delicious and highly nutritious treat. 


Our ELEVATED Mission

ELEVATE mentally and physically 

Mental and physical health is extremely important. Unfortunately both have been on a steady decline over the years. We believe that snack time should be a time to ELEVATE. The main reason we specifically curated each ingredient in our entire line of ELEVATED products is to promote a boost of energy, focus, stress relief,  providing the necessary amounts  of daily fiber and protein. We are on a mission to provide healthier ELEVATING options to those who care about they consume.  


Join our family as we strive to ELEVATE you through our products.  

Now, more than ever, is the time to naturally ELEVATE everyone around us!!




What's in Your Box?

Why order just a few bars? When you can have a variety of ELEVATED products delivered right to your doorstep. We offer 3,6,9, and 12- month subscription based options where you get access to exclusive NEW products, limited edition ELEVATED products and more options for HIGHER dosed ELEVATED products, such as our NEW 'Jane Doe' FULL SPECTRUM ELEVATED bars. 





pancakes with granola.webp

Double Infused Whole wheat pancakes

These light and fluffy whole wheat pancakes are topped with a delicious and nutritious 'Earth Tone' bar (40mg) with a light drizzle of a 'ELEVATED Honey stick' (25mg). A wonderful hearty and healthy breakfast option!!

Infused organic beverage

So many ways to 'ELEVATE your boring meal or snack'. All of these healthy and delicious ingredients were blended alongside with a tablespoon of our 'ELEVATED Honey'. The perfect beverage for anytime of the day!!!


Double Infused ELEVATED smoothie bowl

We used our ELEVATED honey in the smoothie, and topped it off with some of the tasty 'Energy Train' bar. This ELEVATING snack can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

'ELEVATE your boring snack'